Sunday, April 03, 2011

Right And Wrong In Iowa

The religious right is showing its might
As the season rolls along
As we head to the gates in the primary states
And the candidates start to throng
They aim for notes that will get them votes
It’s quite a familiar song
As they eat up lies, there’s but one surprise—
Why not “the religious wrong”?

The New York Times, showing why their content is worth charging for, reports on a frankly frightening "Pastors' Policy Briefing" in Iowa.  Nearly 400 pastors attended this one (there have been dozens of similar conventions across some 14 states in recent years), where they got to listen to christian leaders and potential presidential hopefuls speak.  

I had no idea the right to bear arms was ordained by god.  But this is the sort of vital information I might have learned, had I been there.

The organizers stay out of the spotlight, preferring to work through local groups.  This is, frankly, brilliant.  The organizations are already there, the issues are known, and all a candidate must do is throw red meat at hungry dogs.  Well, hungry, carnivorous sheep, perhaps.  I don't think there is an equivalent set of highly motivated organizations on the left (or for that matter, in the center, or anywhere where reality is recognized).  

Now, I had heard that the country was founded as explicitly christian.  But, see, I had heard that it had explicitly not been, so maybe I'm all turned around on the issue.

Anyway, if you woke up cheerful and happy this morning and want to do something to change that, read the article.  And remember it, when it comes time for being politically active in your community.  These people may be wrong, but they are powerful and organized.  


vanitas said...

Thanks for another downer to the morning, DC. Like the little verse though: "the religious wrong", a new meme?

Unknown said...

So doesn't Newt Gingrich have an openly gay daughter? How does that work?

Cuttlefish said...

Half-sister, actually, Robert. It's Dick Cheney with the daughter. Or Alan Keyes.

Cuttlefish said...

And Newt has never let consistency stand in the way of a stream of dog whistles and buzzwords.

Melissa said...

I know I need to be more active in my local politics. But Kentucky seems to have three groups: Libertarians obsessed with Ayn Rand (ugh), Republican/Tea Party crazies (keep the government out of my social security!), and the Democrats (who are uber conservative). In my part of KY one family runs the city government and the local newspaper/media outlets. Every attempt at ousting has failed.

It’s disappointing, to say the least, how so many fall for buzzwords and political prattle.

entropy said...

You know, that NYT paywall is only there if you believe in it. You know, like religion.