Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Hipster Entomologist

A hipster entomologist, with Polaroid in hand
Chose to catalog the insects of the nation
He was hopelessly devoted to the tool of Edwin Land
For its clarity and color saturation

He had honed his craft for decades; he had quite an expert’s eye
Every shot he took, his genius shone within it
And he didn’t need a darkroom, to develop by and by—
Thanks to Polaroid, he’d only wait a minute

He shot bumblebees and beetles; he shot mantises and ants
He found character in portraits of a weevil
And he wouldn’t touch an SLR if given half a chance
Cos they’re square—and to a hipster, that’s just evil

Alex Wild, on his amazing Myrmecos blog, tries out the new polaroid app. Cos he's just that hip. He also laments, on twitter,
What does it say about insect science that this morning's post is the only google hit for "hipster entomologist"?
I couldn't just let that stand.


puppy said...

Aw man, you broke the Googlewhack.

myrmecos said...

The thing is, Entomologists have always worn those thick-framed hipster glasses:

Podblack said...

You're hilarious. I must remember to bring my fisheye lens camera to the US. :)

entropy said...

I'll admit to being an SLR fan who fan who finds this poem (and the related article and photos) absolutely fabulous. Cuttlefish, you done it again.