Saturday, April 09, 2011

Oh, Look! The Jumbotron Wants To Kill Us!

Oh, look! A helpful message on
The giant Times Square Jumbotron,
Reminding us to “get the facts”
And think again, before we vax.

I found out, after several queries,
It’s but the first in quite a series—
They’ll run a few more giant ads
To help inform the moms and dads:

For instance—think about demands
That doctors make, to “wash your hands”
A helpful ad will tell you “Think!
Before you rush to use your sink!”

(On thinking, you’ll recall, they hope,
Big Pharma’s ties to Giant Soap—
It’s nature's way, and cannot hurt,
For hands to cake with germs and dirt)

Another ad suggests you eat
More spoiled eggs and rancid meat;
To throw them out is such a waste—
Bacteria just add more taste!

(The FDA, whom we abhor,
Says throw it out and buy some more;
They frame concerns about your health,
But care about the farmers’ wealth)

So get the facts, and take control!
Empowerment should be your goal!
You tell the experts where to go—
Cos really… what do doctors know?

I don't have much time this morning, so I'll just point to Tara C. Smith's helpful post at Aetiology where you can find info on how to try to pressure CBS to leave the ranks of those who put children at risk, and use their influence to make children's lives better. Write, email, call, petition, whatever you can. This is not a difficult issue; right and wrong are very clear here. Right now, CBS is wrong.


ZenMonkey said...

I really hope you emailed CBS this poem.

Anonymous said...


I suffer from pentameter envy.

entropy said...

This is in Teh Awesomeness!