Friday, April 29, 2011

Anxiety By A Length

I’ve broken bones
Had kidney stones
And thrown up from the pain
Been badly burned
And so, I learned
The hurt, in time, will wane

A migraine’s curse
And even worse—
A devilish variety
All these, and more
I’d try, before
Revisiting anxiety.

I've seen several reports on this story, and find it tremendously moving. Tom Durkin, for over a decade the voice of the Kentucky Derby (some 30 Triple Crown races to his credit), has made an extraordinarily difficult business decision, and (I hope and expect) a very rewarding personal one. He has retired from calling the Derby, due to utterly debilitating anxiety. Read the link--if you are unfamiliar with anxiety, this story is an eye-opener. If you are familiar, you'll recognize the tune.

I've been there, to some extent--enough to wish him well, and to understand how a job you love can simultaneously be a job that overwhelms. Compared to Durkin, though, I've been lucky. Only a few serious episodes, and (eventually) a pharmaceutical that helped. But, damn. Anxiety absolutely can be worse than broken bones. I've had both. To me, there is no question that he made the right call.


One Brow said...

You have4 my sympathies there. My wife gets beset with anxieties of an OCD variety, at times they nearly cripple her abiblityto do anything.

Melissa said...

I've been there. I'm on medicine for it. It helps, along with various activities. I'd much rather have the flu or a broken bone than deal with an anxiety attack.

As much as I used to love bartending, bad anxiety days could turn that job into a nightmare.