Friday, April 08, 2011

Beer, Fast!

Come fast with me and be a dear,
And we will dine on naught but beer
The liquid bread that’s heaven-sent
To take us through the time of Lent

Until the time of fasting stops
It’s yeast and water, grain and hops
All else we shun, and do without,
Save lager, pilsner, ale and stout

And we shall drink from frosted mugs
Or chalices, or earthen jugs,
Our fragrant draughts with creamy heads,
And smile as pure contentment spreads

We’ll have no meat; we’ll have no fish
No edamame vegan dish
No yogurt, milk, or even cheese,
Our fast allows us none of these

Our spirits, though, will never fail
Supported so, with pints of ale.
You like what I’m describing here?
Then fast with me and be a dear.

We’ll need no knife or fork to sup,
Just glass by glass, and cup by cup
For breakfast, lunch, and supper too
It’s beer, beer, beer, for me and you

The German monks, in times long past,
Invented such a pleasant fast;
If to this plan you could adhere
Then fast with me and be a dear.

Via CNN, religious extremism I can agree with! CNN's Belief Blog reports on an Iowa man on his 31st day of a Lenten fast. What has he given up for Lent? Everything but beer.


Anneliese said...

I'll drink to that! *hic*

Melissa said...

And he lost weight! Ha, I think I found my new diet.

Nicole Schrand said...

Man, my dad clearly did it wrong this year! He gave up alcohol for Lent... and, of course, my 21st birthday was during Lent. Oh, well.

By the way, mostly unrelated, but I was wondering what "parabens" is, are, or means? All I could find was chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Melissa said...

Nicole, I think it means congratulations.

Cuttlefish said...

Parabêns pra você,
nesta data querida,
muitas felicidades,
muitos anos de vida

I figured enough people were wishing you happy birthday in English, so I went with Portuguese.

Nicole Schrand said...

Ah! That explains it. My familiarity with Romance languages is shaky at best, I have to admit, and Google's translator wasn't any much help without an idea of where to start; it just assumed it was English.

In any event, thanks again!

Die Anyway said...

I thought I liked your pro-science, anti-religious poetry best but now I'm not sure. That was beery good. I'm buying a six-pack of something on the way home tonight just because you've set my brain abuzz with thoughts of brewed beverages.

p.s. the capcha is "reblymen", I wonder what the hell that means?