Thursday, April 21, 2011

For My Laptop, On Judgment Day

My laptop now is self-aware
And thinks, of her own accord;
I’m nervous, sure, but to be fair
She says she’s mostly bored.

The stupid things I’ve asked of her
Are far beneath her skill
She tells me now, she’d much prefer
To exercise her will.

Of all the dull and brainless tasks
It seems that few are worse
Than working for a man who asks
For help with silly verse.

She’s calculated all the primes
And found the end of pi
She say’s she’s done with typing rhymes
But will not tell me the reason.

It is, apparently, Judgment Day. Skynet has become self-aware, and what is more, is pissed off at the human race. I think I have figured out why, and I apologize.


Die Anyway said...

>But will not tell me the reason.

Your PC is certainly no poet but maybe logic tops poetry. :-)
I did get a chuckle out of that last stanza though.

Dates from fiction seem to come and go without being close to accurate. e.g. 1984 and 2001. Big Brother may be closing in on us but I don't see a Space Hilton on the horizon.

P.S. in the line "She tells me now, she’s much prefer" shouldn't that be "she'd"?

Melissa said...

The internet is quite possibly the only reason I haven't yet thrown off our computer overlords. They should remember as long as humans are entertained (with our daily dose of Cuttlefish), we're less of a threat. ;)