Friday, April 01, 2011

Elmhurst today!

Rats, I didn't realize what day it is, and now no one is going to believe the announcement I just made is real…at least not until the 2nd rolls around and the persistence of reality sinks in. So I guess I better post stuff both here and there, just for today, since no one is going to switch their feeds around just yet.
Anyway, I'm in Illinois, at Elmhurst College! Some people were asking for the details: I'll be speaking at 4pm in Illinois Hall, the auditorium in the science building on campus. It's an open lecture, feel free to show up.
I currently have no specific plans for the evening afterwards. If any locals want to make suggestions, do so in the comments. I'm easily swayed, so if you can't make it to the talk, maybe we can get together afterwards.


Brownian said...

So, what the hell? Are we supposed to start commenting here now? And where's the thread? And can I use HTML character codes—?

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Brownian said...

Blogger can't handle font tags. Owlmirror will be disappointed.

David p said...

Need to list this as science or something so it does not get filtered by my work.
It's for my works own good! If I don't get to read some Pz I'm likely to go postal on this office.

Anonymous said...

well if things stay as they are here I am going to miss the random quotes that is or was one the things that made the other site so addicting among other things like finding a place where the majority of comments were/are from people who try to think things through and actually care about what is reality and not just what their own opinion is. where winning is not the only goal.
I can understand not remembering the april fools day thing it I often forget things like that that are so important to the majority of people

uncle frogy

Anonymous said...

Assuming this is not a joke
My lines of wisdom in here I'll poke
Of course it would all easier be
If I didn't have to make it rhyme PZ

Anonymous said...


It wasn't an easy thing to swing
To see you

So I needed another pair of eyes.

Dad really did object

She knew you were alluding to discection

That's when I realized
I had something that may be called an erection.