Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time Machine

Inspired by PZ and XKCD...

I really have a time machine--I really truly do
A time machine I'd like to share with no one else but you.
We'll travel through the future--no one knows just what we'll see,
If you would just agree to share my time machine with me!

My time machine--Our time machine--will move through time and space;
And lead to--who can tell?-- the future is a big, big place!
Our time machine goes forward--sometimes slowly, sometimes fast--
But always to the future, Love, and never to the past.

If you will share my time machine, the world is at our feet,
The past is what it always was; the future will be sweet.
The march of time is constant, and it will not be denied,
But time itself can fuck itself, if you are by my side.


** said...

Which P.Z. did not choose to eat
But skewer with a nail he had...
The controversy? Pure conceit--
Or else the world's gone barking mad.

voodooKobra said...

XKCD, time travel, and poetry. This is officially a win.