Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Limericks--a slight change...

After a bit of thinking about the Friday Limericks topic this week, I came to a realization. One of my versical heroes, the late great Felicia Lamport, used to have a column in the Boston Globe, "The Muse of the Week in Review", which set the week's current events to her inimitable style. It seems to me that this should be the purpose of the Friday Limerick post--besides, that way commenters can prepare in advance without having to read my mind (any who have done so successfully, get out!).

So, the new topic depends on what you have seen each week--have at it!

In the sights of an eloquent foe
John McCain (and a plumber named Joe)
Were compelled to talk straight.
(I don't mean the debate;
But to Dave, on the Letterman Show!)

You may think that some research is dumb
And too often the findings are glum
So when this lab proposes
A way to clear noses
You're liable to protest "Come, come!"

As the pollsters begin their revue
And the candidates start to pursue
I'm just sick to the death--
Won't they just hold their breath!?
('Till two-thirds of the nation turns blue...)

Please, tell me... there has to be something better than this in the news where you are reading/watching it...


Melissa Gay Art said...

In my household, no news is good news,
So instead, we are watching "Blue's Clues."
'Stead of talk-points to parrot,
We debate the merit
Of Steve or of Joe giving cues.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

No good news up here I'm afraid.

A tragic Canadian story:
We're stuck with that smug bastard Tory.
Looking for order
North of the border?
You might have to wait a bit more, eh?

The Ridger, FCD said...

McCain said that ACORN is evil.
In democracy's cloth they're the weevil.
Now his words have borne fruit -
Death threats, stolen loot -
His honor's gone well past retrieval.

In Ohio the GOP bellowed "fraud":
No voter would be left ungnawed
If a typo was found -
But there came a sweet sound:
The Supremes found the motion quite flawed.

Anonymous said...

Ray Martin complains of the plight
'Journalism's all bunk and no bite!'
He's fine to whinge -
As his toupée minge
Claimed cancer-cure crap was 'so right'...

Sorry, Martin seriously pisses me off: he was responsible for promoting one of the worst cancer 'cures' in Australia, the 'Tronado Machine' - via his position on an extremely popular national current affairs program! The home of which happened to be housed on the road where I worked. :/
and the final findings:

Colour me unimpressed...

Anonymous said...

Oh - sorry - here's the news article where Martin whinges: