Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few thoughts on the debate

Well, at least I wasn't bored.

When confronted with specifics, like the cries of "he's a terrorist"
And asked if he'll decry them, so to calm the rabid throng,
It is telling that McCain, instead, decried his opposition--
He is proud of his supporters, but Obama's thugs are wrong!
I can't wait to see the Daily Show comparing his reaction
To the videos on youtube John McCain seems to have missed;
You can pander to Neanderthals, but when the day is over
There will come the recognition--that's the Devil you just kissed.

When you’re losing in the middle ground and know you can’t recover,
The temptation’s irresistible to pander to your base;
Once you’ve written off the liberals, you’re free to use your rhetoric
On Bible-issue voters—take abortion as one case.
Disagreements are expected on a topic like abortion
When a right to life is weighed against a woman’s right to choose—
But to sneer with condescension at the “Mother’s health” exceptions?
First, the voters; now your dignity—what else ya got to lose?


voodooKobra said...

I can't wait to see what Stewart and Colbert do with this debate. I anticipate great hilarity. :D

Anonymous said...


Must link to you - all I got was kitten wrestling...