Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you all.

This post marks this blog's official birthday; one year ago The Digital Cuttlefish went public. Since that time, 195 posts, more than 200 poems, and you people have changed my world. So again, thank you.

My readers are wonderful people. I know this from comments, I know this from seeing my verses posted around the globe on other sites, even in other languages. I know this because it was my readers, with their donations, who afforded me the opportunity this past summer to begin an incredible journey that has not yet ended. (If that is cryptic to any of you, no worries--the people who helped know who they are.) And of course, there are six of you, spread out over three continents, whom I have actually met; so far, 100% wonderful.

I don't see a whole lot of reason to stop now (although every few weeks I become convinced that I have run out of topics, run out of rhymes, run out of inspiration--until some creationist, politician, or cephalopod makes the news and re-inspires me); indeed, I am even in the process of compiling and editing some hundred or so of the past year's verses into an actual dead-trees book, which I hope will be available for your squidmas and cephalopodmas needs.

Anyway, thanks, much more than I have the ability to put into words. Especially my long-time readers and commenters, who provided the rewards that kept me going when I was lucky to have a couple dozen readers a day. And also to those who read but do not comment (614 visits from Uppsala, compared to only 366 from New York City? More visits from Miramichi than from London? You people are so cool!), who force me to imagine how you found this site (ok, mostly through Pharyngula) and what you think of it. If you wish, consider this post an invitation to just say hi in the comments!

Now, the real world calls, and I had better prepare for it. Here's to another successful orbit!



Bob O'Hara said...

Happy birthday, blog!

And happy un-birthday DC!

Anonymous said...

Cheers from New Orleans. I can't wait to get my hands on your dead-trees book!

Santiago Flores said...

I'm studying in the UK but I was born in Mexico, so:

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

keelyellenmarie said...

Hello. Don't think I've commented before, but I always enjoy what you write. Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

Rana said...

You've traveled once around the sun
This birthday is your first
But your fine work has just begun
More idols need be burst
So cuttle's work is still not done
Let zealots do their worst
Knock 'em dead with wit and fun
Till next year is tra-versed

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Happy Birthday!

Great news about the book! You promised me a signed copy, remember? ;)

Anonymous said...

I may have been led here from Pharyngula.

But I never happily vocalize the words of PZ Myers.

crucifinch said...


I am one of the ones who does not regularly comment (writing from Illinois), taking my time at this moment to thank you for your rhymes, limericks and wit over the past year!

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Digital Cuttlefish's blog!

I'm a Faroese girl currently living in Uzbekistan accessing your blog via a satellite connection, so I fool everyone into thinking I'm in Kuwait. Beat that, folks :P

I'd love to give your dead tree book to some friends for Christmas...

Cuttlefish said...

Thank you, all! (Possible exception of r n b , who is making me feel a bit inadequate... nice verse, that...)

Cath, of course I have not forgotten--there could not be a book without you!

...and I wondered if I would ever hear who was visiting from Kuwait!

gg said...

I've enjoyed the first year of the blog, and am looking forward to the second! Congrats!

mandydax said...

I made u a comment, but Blogger eated it. :( Will try this with my Google instead of LJ ID.

Happy Bloggiversary, DC! :D

Anonymous said...

Never commented before; always appreciated. Happy birthday!

(Oh, and this is from Finland, the land of darkness and deep night.)

Kristjan Wager said...

Happy blog anniversary. It's been a pleasure to read your posts from the very start when you started posting them at the comments at Pharyngula.

This comment is posted from Denmark.

makita said...

Happy belated birthday DC!! Your verse never fails to bring joy to my days. Many happy returns of the day.

Thinker said...

I have to admit: it is hard to believe
When you say that it's been but a year,
For the number of Aces you've pulled from your sleeve
Is amazing to all of us here.

So your poems, dear DC, continue to weave
For your fans 'round the sphere and the 'sphere.
Here's to all we have seen and will see you acheive:
As in Uppsala, four times a cheer!


Monado said...

Happy blogiversary!

Spidergrackle said...

A (belated) happy blogoversary!

Lifewish said...

The Digital Cuttlefish' birthday has come
And all of his readers here wish
That the losers and lamers will supply enough dumb
To keep poems a-flowin' from this fish.