Monday, October 20, 2008

The Digital Pack-Rat, volume 4

A comment about a website urging readers to pray for John McCain... cos we know that makes a difference.

We pray for peace, we pray for rain
And now we pray for John McCain
We pray with everything we've got
And once again... it won't do squat.


On a very very cool fossil find from a Cambrian site; chains of shrimplike arthropods, locked head-to-tail in a conga line. It being a fossil, and not a film, one cannot tell for certain what was happening with the little critters. I offered a few thoughts.

A playful cuttlefish, he locks
The headless shrimp like LEGO blocks
In chains from tiny to colossal,
Just to make a funny fossil.
Creationists, of course, believe
That Adam made, to give to Eve,
A necklace out of arthropods
(The real design, of course, was God's)
A strange behavior this complex?
It almost has to mean it's sex:
The overwhelming urge in life--
Unless, of course, you are my wife.


In response to Bill Donohue's calls for YouTube censorship:

Could we maybe slap a sticker on that book they call The Bible
To protect the younger readers from the trauma it might cause?
There has got to be a reason--for protection, or for libel--
If The Children are in danger, why, we must enforce the laws!


One I missed earlier, on the Cracker kerfuffle:

With spikes through hands and spikes through feet
The Son of God went home to Dad;
A sacrifice which made complete
The reason God had made the lad;
Thus death was triumph, not defeat,
A reason we should all be glad--

This time, not flesh but merely wheat
(And flavorless, I think I'll add)
Which P.Z. did not choose to eat
But skewer with a nail he had...
The controversy? Pure conceit--
Or else the world's gone barking mad.


Unknown said...

Have you noticed that Jon Carroll used your Bible verse in the Thursday Nov.13 San Francisco Chronicle?

Cuttlefish said...

I did, ron! I saw an uptick in views of this post, traced it to google searches, and followed that back to Carroll's piece.

Looks like I have a new columnist to read. He shows very good taste...