Thursday, October 30, 2008

... The Rest Of The Story (Sweet Zombie Jesus!)



It started so simply--they'd meet and they'd pray
And perhaps join each other in song
How could they have known that this beautiful day
Would so soon go so horribly wrong?

Their prayers went unanswered--well, no, it was worse,
They were answered by God up above
The Old Testament God, of the famine and curse
Not the wimpy New Testament love.

When God saw them gathered, it looked like a calf
They were worshipping, not their Creator--
And as Yahweh is more prone to smolder than laugh,
It's smite first, then ask questions later.

But God's getting old--He's not right in the head,
And His aim's not the same since the Flood
So now these good christians are Living Undead
With a craving for brains and for blood.

So heed the examples on Wall Street this week
As they struggle to shuffle and moan--
Count your blessings, although the economy's bleak;
No more praying--just leave God alone!

(ok, the truth is the zombie stuff is from
Zombiecon 2008. Well worth checking out...)

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