Monday, May 16, 2011

Maine Boy Still Unidentified

Update--he has been identified, and his mother is in custody. Damn.

Maine police have found the body of a young boy. Found Saturday afternoon, and not yet identified.
Boston Globe story. Seacoast Online story. Fosters story.
They are asking for help. On the off chance you hadn't heard yet, and can spread the word, please do.

I used to run a daycare, and this story just hurts. I can't help but see *my* kids there. Someone must be missing their little boy by now.

Tom Waits, to rip your heart right out of your chest:


MJ Kelleher said...

DC, do you have a link to a news story? Especially a local one? 8-(

Cuttlefish said...

Added links to some local coverage, MJ. THanks

The Ridger, FCD said...

Someone must be missing their little boy by now. You have a kinder worldview than me. I can't help but think he's there because he was betrayed by those who should have cared and should be missing him...

Sigh. I hope I'm wrong.

Cuttlefish said...

No, Ridger, you are right.

His mom is in custody now. Officially, we know nothing because NH law prohibits info becoming public before trial (or some such). Unofficially, she claims to have given him an accidental overdose of cough syrup.

He (they, actually) was from Texas, which explains a bit of why no missing person report in New England matched his description. Less so in the internet age, but oh well.

It's terrible no matter what, but I suppose I do hope it was accidental. Too much unknown, so the comment threads will be full of speculation. I don't know if I'll explore this one.