Saturday, May 07, 2011

Have No Fear--Underdog Is Here!

One of the many useful features
Of social creatures

Is the ability to band together to do what cannot be done
By one

It doesn’t take a Confucian
To see that if you have enough people working together, it doesn’t matter if they are small, tiny, or downright Lilliputian

So long as each does their bit
And does not quit.

And so, I join with the members of Team Underdog, and raise my voice with theirs to say, although it won’t be easy
Beat PZ!

If you want more information about Camp Quest, and why it is worthy of support, click here. Or you could just trust me. And at this point, frankly, it's mostly about seeing how many midget wrestlers it takes to bring down Andre the Giant. Having been PZ for a day, I have some idea of the amount of traffic he gets, so when Greta Christina asked if I would join Team Underdog, my first thought was "You're gonna need a bigger boat", but my next thought was "I wonder if it can be done?"

So, it's an empirical question. And we love empiricism around here. And even though I just got back from spending 5 hours and 1000 dollars fixing a car, and would much rather have a fund raiser for myself, I can't resist all those godless kids. Well, I can resist them one at a time, but when they gang up on me... well, that's kinda the point, I guess.


Melissa said...

Well, now that the Cuttlefish is on the team, I'll have to donate through team underdog instead of PZ.

It'll be a few days before I can donate though. My checkbook isn't speaking to me at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Well, this tears it! More underdogs? Against an 800 pound cephla... gorilla! I'm aghast that good atheists are fighting each other here. So I'm going to be a better person and donate to both camps. I refuse to show favoritism between two great sets of people (well, one great set and a tentacled, dark overlord). So there!

JT Eberhard said...


I think people should donate equally to both sides!

$10 for PZ, $10 for Digital Cuttlefish, $10 for Greta, $10 for Hemant...etc.



Cuttlefish said...

That sounds like the only fair solution to me, JT!

Die Anyway said...

Rhyming PZ with easy... I may never pronounce it correctly again. Hmmm, maybe I've never pronounced it correctly to begin with. I know he doesn't care for PeeZed. I wonder about Peazy.

Good luck on the donation thing, I think it is doable.

Cuttlefish said...

Doable? I think it *was* doable, before PZ's beard gambit. With a dearth of beards, I do think a promise of various shaving could win us some pledges, but I don't know if Team Underdog is willing...

Die Anyway said...

I've shaved my beard into a variety of shapes over the years, from the long sideburn thing like PZ's old picture, to VanDykes, goatees, Fu Manchus, and assorted othes. In the end, the full, but trimmed beard wins out.
But I'm curious about these other shavings for Team Underdog... will there be video? ;-)