Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Goddess On The Beach

The other day, I swear I saw
A Goddess on the beach
An apparition, lovely to behold!

But Hindus used the force of law
To keep her out of reach
Those swimsuits are no longer being sold!

The images of Lakshmi
Have effectively been banned
Non-believers like myself, of course, may scoff

Though there’s nothing there that shocks me
If I see one, on the sand,
I’m demanding that the wearer take it off!

The Sydney Morning Herald (among other places) has the story of good intentions running into offended religious sensibilities (or of insensitive Aussie louts insulting devout faithful, depending on perspective), in which a swimsuit designed to turn heads did so, but for all the wrong reasons.

I do note, with no surprise at all, the fact that the photographs of the suit have now been on headlines across the world, so it's probably good that the protesters made such a big fuss over them, to protect the dignity of Lakshmi.


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Johnny Vector said...

And not only can you see her, but every time I turn on NPR I hear Lakshmi sing!

jcee said...

It seems to be selective outrage because Hindu imagery shows up on other clothing and accessory lines without any protest.

A company called Hindu Art Yoga Clothing has an extensive range of T'shirts with your god/goddess of choice. There's even a handbag with Lakshmi on it:


Svlad Cjelli said...

What jcee said. No makey sensy.

Oh, but I recently saw people offended about Jesus being portrayed on a cross. So yeah. Was on the TGWTG reviews and entertainment site.