Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ok, so I was a little disappointed in Eurovision. I am a Eurovision addict, much to my shame, but this year there was no song/act that just blew me away. My highest picks were only 3/4 up the way up my page (ongoing ratings--from bottom to top of page), and my tastes and those of the European continent... did not mesh. Not entirely true--I had Italy in my top handful, and they placed second. First (Azerbaijan) and third (Sweden) were not in my top ten. Azerbaijan were in my bottom handful.

So this is for my European readers--too often, my posts are USA-centric. Did your favorites win? Lose? Do you hate Eurovision with a passion reserved for war crimes? Do you love it, perhaps despite yourself?

(for the record, my all time favorite is "We are the winners of Eurovision" by LT United, for Lithuania in 2006, which I refuse to believe was 5 years ago.)


Anonymous said...

I should probably answer your "readers, delurk!" post(s) first, but it's 2AM here ;)

As a proud citizen of the worst-performing Eurovision country in history (seven consecutive semifinal failures) I am naturally somewhat sceptical. I really disliked Azerbaijan - our favourites (I was watching with some other members of my choir) were Italy, Bosnia and Ireland, the latter because it was so delightfully Eurovision.

We amused ourselves with cliche bingo, entries ranging from "Cyprus gives 12 points to Greece" to "fairy girls" (Moldavia had a double hit with the silly hats as well, although no-one had dared to predict the unicycle. Oh! Eurovision).

I almost won but for the baffling lack of hydraulic dresses.

gloriamundi said...

I'm a bit of a grumpy old bag when it comes to Eurovision,Cuttles, I have to admit, and it's nothing to do with the fact that UK keeps getting shafted by devious foreigners* manipulating the score to settle old scores....It's a splendidly camp spectacle I guess, but if you like music, as opposed to...

*for ancient Brits, of course, all foreigners are devious by definition, given our country's faultless historical record. Take you lot over there - we were quite happy winning World War Two in our own distinctive if possibly uncertain way until you lot came over and swamped us in nylon stockings and gum. So it is with Eurovision. That delightful Miss Sandie Shaw gave us a heartfelt winning ditty a few years ago (or so) with "Puppet on a St ring." Now that was a noble anthem.Nowadays...

Where was I? Ah yes - Eurovision? Bah. Can't watch it.

Svlad Cjelli said...

I didn't even know abou it. I knew it was coming up sometime soon.
I live in Sweden, and I'm a little curious about what kind of music came from here this year, but not curious enough to look it up.

Svlad Cjelli said...


Edit function, when? :P

Charles Cowling said...

Eurovision tickles Brits, with their engorged sense of the absurd, enormously. It brings out the worst in us, but harmlessly and hilariously. We gaze upon our most immediate neighbours with renewed bemusement and alienation - in a good way. Eurovision is the ne plus ultra of not-cricket.

Unknown said...

Eurovision, aah... For the social body, it's probably better out than in, as a relative used to say of wind. I try not to be in the room when it happens.

I think it makes me sad, because although I can see the funny side, it's the same cruel joke over and over again. I have a vivid childhood memory of the hours (days?) long constant celebratory replay of 'Puppet on a String', so I live in dread of another British win.

Oh no! I can now hear Sandy Shaw all over again. Damn you, Cuttlefish!