Monday, May 02, 2011

The Sandwich Less Traveled

Two buns diverged from a breaded mass,
And sorry I could not, like a snake,
Unhinge my jaw to let it pass
Took one small bite, affecting class,
And thought it likely a mistake.

Then took another, as just a tease
And knowing I could not eat it all—
The deep-fried patty, stuffed with cheese—
I gobbled up with seeming ease
Until the point I hit the wall

And, gut distended, there I lay
With melted cheese upon my shirt
Oh, I lived to eat another day
And try again? Perhaps I may,
When I’ve recovered from the hurt.

I shall be saying this, with a sigh,
When fever fades, and I’m making sense:
Two buns diverge, and I will not lie,
This Heart Attack could make you die
And that would make all the difference

If you have never seen "Wait Wait... Don't Blog Me!" and their regular feature "Sandwich Monday", then you are missing one of life's great joys. Today's sandwich is the Heart Attack On A Plate, which is... well, hey, go take a look. When you read their first paragraph, you'll see where my verse comes from.


Melissa said...

I love a good burger, but ick. The pic with the hanging cheese was just wonderful.

Nice Frost parody. That poem is fun to screw around with.

cody said...

Though I am not interested in the burger, the article was very entertaining.

isspenguin said...

This is amazing.