Friday, November 05, 2010

So, What's Up?

So, what’s up?

I’m taking a bit of a break. Lots to do, and I’m spending too much time looking for stuff to write about. I need to force myself to stay away for a while, until the pile of stuff gets finished.

What about the blog?

I’ll put up some “best of” posts. It’ll be like PBS re-running that Celtic Dancing special, or the Yanni concert, or a Red Green marathon, during their pledge break. That’s it—this is the Cuttlefish Pledge Break. Donations gladly accepted at the Tip Jar, over there, to your right.

What will happen if they don’t donate?

Not a damned thing; Blogger doesn’t charge, I can’t imagine quitting, I don’t like ads, and so I don’t think I’ll change anything at all.

Wait, what if nobody donates anything at all?

Then they save themselves that much money. If they need it, they should keep it.

So why would anybody donate?

I would hope they think some of what I do here is worth paying for.

Dude, you are deluded.

Well, if it isn’t, then I surely don’t deserve donations for it, do I?

Fair enough. So, is there going to be a verse on this post?

Um… that would kind of defeat the purpose, don’t you think? There will be some best-of posts coming up shortly—gotta load up the Yanni concert…

Edited to add: A couple of years ago, I had a very specific and genuine need for monetary help. When I announced this, my incredible readers responded with kindness and generosity that I will never be able to repay fully. This, today's post, is not that sort of situation. I never ever want to take advantage of my readers, and so I want to make that clear.


Anna O'Connell said...

Best wishes for getting whatever portion of your RealLife (tm) that requires more time and attention in order quickly. We readers have no right at all to demand you produce on any particular schedule. To quote my late friend Liz P. in similar circumstances, "This is an avocation and an amusement, damn it!".

I was so amused / bemused / enthused at the thought that I made a contribution to the Digital Cuttlefish in 2012 exploratory committee earlier this week, but in all honesty, I truly hope that politics is NOT what will be keeping you away from this forum.

Cuttlefish said...

Thank you (and THANK YOU!!) for your kind wishes--no, I do all of my politicking from far enough away that the puppet-strings just barely reach.

I just have stacks of papers to grade, that's all.