Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just In Time For Black Friday

I'm exhausted. I could keep tweaking this until some time next year, or bite the bullet and post this now.

So... that's right; all your squidmas shopping worries are over. It's the perfect gift for both friends and enemies alike!

Note--this is not volume three, but rather a three-year collection, with over 300 pages of your favorites, and the favorites of that other person with weird taste. Guaranteed never to make Oprah's list!

So, spread the word, and demand that your local bookstores carry hundreds of copies!


Anna O'Connell said...

Fantastic, thank you! This book will let me cross at least 3 presents off my list.

Cuttlefish said...


*does happy cuttlefish dance*

Supertec said...

The ink of the cuttlefish
Has been employed in book format
Fulfilling my everlasting wish
To read it in my laundromat.

Until I get my washing machine fixed, that is.

Anonymous said...

But...but...if I own volumes one and two, is the third an overlap? I own a mug and a t-shirt too. Can one overdose on Cuttlefish?

Cuttlefish said...

Sadly, anonymous, there is overlap--I asked earlier this year what people preferred, and the votes favored one comprehensive book! I could throw together a volume 3, in the haphazard way volume 2 was done, but it wouldn't be likely until I get time after the new year.

I didn't know *anyone* had bought a mug! I had quit checking that store, it was getting so little traffic--now I feel guilty, and want to do volume three just for you!

Anonymous said...

The mug has been a great conversation starter. And you've provide hours of enjoyment, so no need for guilt;) I'll just have to keep lurking, and wait for the next complilation.

Cuttlefish said...

I promise you, I'll get one together at earliest opportunity.

And thanks! I just re-checked out the Cafe Press store (had to reset a password, that's how long it's been), and damned if that isn't a fine-looking mug! Perfect for any writer, if you ask me, whether they have a mere two hands or a more comfortable multiple number.

george.w said...

"Guaranteed never to make Oprah's list!"

What better recommendation could it possibly need? I'm there.