Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not The Book For Me, Thank You

How is it that work multiplies so? What sort of reproductive strategy does it use? Wouldn't you think it would be in danger of killing off its host? Anyway, what I'm saying is that the hiatus continues, and it remains Cuttlefish Pledge Week. So for now, another favorite from the archives--not as old as some, but old enough I had forgotten about it, and maybe you did as well. Or maybe that just tells me something about my memory, and explains a bit about why that pile of work doesn't seem to get any smaller. This one is for the Witnesses coming to my door with their silly book...

I’ve seen fossils of the ammonites, in lovely curving spirals,
I’ve seen children saved from certain death by modern antivirals,
I’ve seen salmon swim up waterfalls, to find their tiny brook--
And you’re asking me to trade it for the contents of one book?

I’ve seen galaxies, and nebulas of brilliant glowing gases
I’ve seen Painted Desert valleys; I’ve seen Rocky Mountain passes
I was at the Gulf of Corinth when the earth beneath me shook--
Do you really think I’d trade it for some stuff that's in a book?

I’ve seen elephants and rhinos; I’ve seen buffalo and deer
I’ve seen humpback whales I almost could have touched, they came so near;
I’ve seen giant redwood forests, where I craned my neck to look;
Is there anything so awesome in your tiny little book?

I’ve seen microscopic beasties of a thousand different forms
I’ve seen hurricanes, tornadoes, snow and hail and thunderstorms
I’ve seen babies reach adulthood—Oh, how little time it took!
And I would not trade one heartbeat for that obsolescent book!

I’ve seen beauty that you couldn’t buy, no matter what the price;
I have tasted of life’s bounty, each ingredient and spice--
I would throw it all together in a pot, and let it cook…
And I guarantee it’s better than the contents of your book;
Yes, I’d sooner starve, than swallow all the poison in your book.


Supertec said...

It's good for cookin', that good old book. Tim Minchin says so.

Incidentally, I luurrvve your picture.

Cuttlefish said...

Thanks! I do too--McRae is a genius!

BTW, it *is* available to wear or drink from--you can be the coolest kid on your block, you know... given that a total of like 6 people ever have bought cuttleswag.

Emily said...

That's a beautifully constructed verse, and what a great message too!