Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day Verse

I don't have time now to write, so I have tweaked an old verse just a little, so as to have something appropriate for (US) election day. I suppose it also would have been a fairly fitting verse to add to the Rally To Support [something], so if you happen to know Jon Stewart, you can point him to it.

When the original was posted, it came with a series of videos, of some of the worst of the pre-election rallies last cycle. Now, of course, the Tea Party has its own network, so I don't even have to link videos--you already know what sorts of thing are being referred to.

Of course there are Christians, of course there are Muslims,
And Atheists, Pagans, and Jews
Supporting the left or supporting the right—
Supporting a spectrum of views—
Of course there are numbskulls, and ignorant pinheads
Whose views are incredibly dense,
And of course they reside on both sides, red and blue
Of the nation’s political fence
It gets to the point where we almost expect it—
Perhaps it’s what humans just do—
We forget these are merely the vocal extremists
Whose numbers, in truth, are quite few.
These salient images seen in the media
Show us ourselves at our worst
But just look around, and you’ll see something different,
And not what it looked like at first:
The people who back both the left and the right
Are people like you and like me
And most are intelligent, thoughtful and kind,
And like us, they don’t like what they see.
This silent majority, not in the news,
When confronted with ignorant hate
May decide to combat it, or maybe ignore it,
Or challenge them to a debate
And sometimes you’ll find that these ignorant cowards
Back down when you call out their bluff
So… if you’re like me, and you’re sick of the lying,
Decide that enough is enough!
And remember, the ignorant liars can shout
Until all of their faces are blue;
When you get in that booth, and you pull shut the curtain…
The one with the power is you.

Anyway, go vote! And if you seriously are considering "sending a message" by boycotting the vote, read the comments here first.

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Anna O'Connell said...

Thanks for the timely reminder, Cuttlefish. I am a perennial voter, I've missed one election in the past 15 years, due to being in the hospital. And I was delighted to see the level of turnout at my polling place this morning. Usually there are only 300-400 people who show up to vote in a mid-term election. This year there had been 200+ people voting before me at 10 am, and a steady stream of people were arriving. It's great to see this higher level of civic engagement again, even if it was triggered by / in reaction to the TEA Party, some of whom are total loons. The last time I saw this many voters was the Presidential election of 2008, but those new voters all vanished once Obama was elected. Hope these folks stick around.