Thursday, February 04, 2010

Homeopathic Science!

It's a wholly different system--
There are data, but you missed 'em,
In the infinite dilution of our minds!
Modern medicine is bleaker
Cos our evidence is weaker,
Which is stronger, as our different system finds!

All those articles and studies
That you put out with your buddies,
Which you think will make your evidence more strong?
It is our determination
Through our less-is-more translation,
Each one proves that Western Medicine is wrong!

While you losers have fun losing
We're diluting and succusing,
Gaining power modern science can't assess--
And our strongest contribution
May be found in this solution:
Common sense (at just one molecule, or less)!

Cuttlecap tip to P-Zed.


Anonymous said...

this is brilliant and really should be recorded as a song! :)

Olaf Davis said...


scicurious said...

This really needs to be a song. Something with a tinkly little tune and perhaps a ukelele.

Interrobang said...

I just saw your comment about the "emergency trocheeotomy" on Pharyngula.

Speaking as someone with a degree and a half in English literature, my commentary is as follows, verbatim:


Well done...