Monday, February 08, 2010

Why Not Use The Bible As A Science Book?

It's not hatred; it's not loathing;
It's the emperor's new clothing,
And Creationism doesn't have a stitch.
There's no bible-methodology
That's better than biology--
It seems a level playing-field's a bitch.

When the real world's more exciting
Than some Aramaic writing,
Cos it adds to what we know about ourself,
Then the bible's contribution
When it comes to evolution
Is most useful when you keep it on the shelf.

See, the truth about the ages
Isn't there within its pages
It's a waste of time to even go and look
Science strives to see the lawful
But the bible's frankly awful:
All in all, the perfect anti-science book!

Cuttlecap tip to PZ

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