Friday, February 26, 2010

Stormy Weather In Cuttletown

When the power goes out
And I'm starting to doubt
That the house will be here in the morning
When the wind and the rain
Bring us heartache and pain
Like some biblical end-of-days warning
When the snapping of trees
Brings the town to its knees
And our courage is starting to ebb
Does it make me a dope
If my one fervent hope
Was to get myself back on the web?


Ok, that was a joke, not the truth. We did lose power here, for about 10 hours, which is next to nothing for a good storm. Within a stone's throw from here (literally), they still do not have power, some 20 hours in total, and will not for a while. A short walk away finds trees toppled over power lines, with no crews working on them--which means these are small potatoes in comparison with the *real* problems. A house I pass by every day has two mature pines, just under 2 feet in diameter each, now securely embedded in the roof. One tree was uprooted (rain made the ground a bit soft), and the other snapped like a toothpick about 20 feet up the trunk. The first hit the garage; the second hit the middle of the roofline.

We can't leave our town, since all roads have downed power lines. Or did, anyway; we had no reason to keep checking. We have food, water, and now power, and so will be offering our showers and stove to our neighbors. (Yes, I put showers first. Trust me on this.)

The forecast says I had better finish this up, because we should get hit again tonight. Within the hour it should start.

Don't worry about me. I've got plenty of food & water, and a wood stove if necessary (it wasn't for the mere overnight power loss). I like losing power, actually... which shows how incredibly well off I am, compared to so many. (Or how stupid, but let's not go there.)

Stay warm and safe, my friends. Thank science and technology that it is much easier for us to do so than pretty much any of our ancestors.


The Ridger, FCD said...

Stay safe and warm yourselves!

Cuttlefish said...

Thanks, Ridger--

We will be safe and warm, pretty much unless the whole house blows away. It's the old folks a few doors down we worry about. Fortunately, they are in a slight shelter from the wind, so all should be ok... well, except for the person half a mile away with two trees embedded in their roof. And, come to think of it, probably a few even worse off, but beyond our range of knowing.

Anyway, we will be warm tonight, and will be offering hot showers tomorrow, although I doubt any will accept. Maybe, but unlikely.