Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Learned Judge Blair

The learned Judge showed mercy,
For she knew the man devout;
One cannot be religious, and
A brutal, lowly lout--
Religion shows the brighter light,
Not worldly, but sublime;
You'd never break a fellow's jaw...
Except, of course, this time.

The learned judge, she reasoned
That forgiveness was the path;
She'd demonstrate God's mercy
When she could have picked God's wrath.
A judge who follows faithfully
Could never be a dunce;
She'd choose the wise and sober course...
Except, of course, this once.

The learned judge is hearing
From the slighted and the wronged
For speaking through her prejudice
As if such views belonged.
Some arguments belong in court,
But then again, some don't;
The judge should learn from this mistake...
Except, of course, she won't.

Judge Cherie Blair has suspended the sentence of a man found guilty of assault, on the basis that the convicted is "a religious man". AC Grayling writes eloquently of the story on Cuttlecap tip to PZ.

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