Friday, February 19, 2010

He's A Maine-i-quack!

If I thought I had the answer
To a killer such as cancer
I would fight against The Lord, Himself
To make my findings known;
To make certain I was certain
I would gladly raise the curtain
So that anyone could take a shot
At what, therein, was shown.

I would never ask immunity
To jabs from the community
If doing so would cover up
The rigor that I lack;
But Moritz and Maloney,
Though they're through and through baloney,
Choose to run away from evidence:
They duck just like a quack.

Both PZ and Orac have already taken them to task, but I forgot to actually post this little verse on my own site.


entropy said...

You do realize you made it into a Moritz ad result on Google, yes?

Cuttlefish said...

Oh, Entropy, you have made my evening! (Or morning, by this point) Thanks for that capture--I wouldn't have believed it otherwise!