Sunday, December 07, 2008

Why? Ultimately, Sex.

So, PZ posted and linked to this comic:

One interpretation is that our interest in sex is what keeps us from being so interested in everything else... I don't know if that was the artist's intent, but if it was, I disagree strongly.

It seems to me, the reason for
Invention, Industry, or War
Or Art, or Medicine, or more
Is... horny folks who want to score.

Society, at every scale
From broadest brush to fine detail
Is motivated, without fail
By peacocks looking for some tail.

We've instituted education;
Used it as our firm foundation
Building up the strongest nation--
Freud would call it "sublimation"

Darwin, in his own dissection
Took it in a new direction--
If I'm right in recollection,
Called it sexual selection!

It's not enough to flex some pecs
Or write big numbers on your checks
The mating dance has grown complex
But everything comes down to sex.

Our species has a lot of pluck--
It did not thrive because of luck,
Or cos some god took aim and struck--
But just because we like... something...

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Mikayla Starstuff said...

Sounds about right to me!

Metro said...

Completely explains the Bush presidency, and the Harper regime up here.

These guys are both evangelicals, whose "moral codes" (their words, not mine, forbid the keeping of mistresses or massage boys.

So they @#$% anything and anyone else they can get their hands on.

Benjamin Geiger said...

Metro: Yep. As some old wag said, "If they don't do it to their wives [or their interns], they do it to the country."

Rana said...

Hinting at the dirty


Is quite a cunning little


But we can guess the truth


that Bush was just a silly