Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nobody Likes A Doom-And-Gloomer...

... especially when he's right.

I watched the nightly business news
(it helped to chase away my blues)
Ben Stein and others helped me choose
When I was buying stocks

The terms I did not know what meant
Did not disturb me, as I spent
On stocks with values in ascent
Or so they said on Fox

The fundamentals still are sound,
Economy’s on solid ground
(And look, our jobs are still around!)
We’re solid as Fort Knox

There was one voice that cast a doubt,
Who said it’s time for getting out
But he was just one single lout
Whom everybody mocks

With grandiose and pompous boasts,
With caviar and champagne toasts
I took the word of game-show hosts
And washed-up former jocks.

The weeks and months, they crept along
I wondered if I’d chosen wrong—
But no, they said—the market’s strong
Enough to brave some shocks

And now my stocks are so damned cheap
I use them now to help me keep
The holes plugged, as I try to sleep
Here in my cardboard box


Jared said...

Yet another fine piece of literary work. Faux news, as well as all other major news outlets, tends to miss things like this, but oh well, they want to talk about Tom Cruise's latest discussion with Xenu....

Cujo359 said...

How many cardboard homes does it take to make a congressional district?