Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running Barefoot

I don’t enjoy the way it feels
To run; I always bruise my heels.
But running (so I hear) appeals
To most of you, I know.
The thing I did not understand
Is, running, on the dirt or sand
Is better if I try to land
Not on my heel, but toe.

This “running” that I’ve often cursed
Is harmful, if you land heel first;
Initial impact is the worst—
Three times your weight, and Ouch!
I’m thinking now, it might be fun
To check this out, to take a run!
Just one thing keeps me from the sun—
I really love my couch!

It's all over the news-I saw it last night on TV, today on the Beeb, and over at Laelaps (and I'm sure I'll see more). In addition, Cuttleson just finished the book, and is a new convert.

Hey, I am a big fan of barefoot. My neighbors have caught me out getting the paper, having walked barefoot through the snow to get to the box; in summer, shoes are evil. So this is a nice finding--but I have to admit, I have seen a lifetime's worth (or not quite yet) of ads for running shoes--enough to avoid an "I knew it all along!" response. I think the ads convinced me. But hey, new evidence, new conclusions, for couch potatoes as well as science.


The Ridger, FCD said...

I can just hear my grandmother telling my brother he ran like a girl - toes first. Funny stuff, though she was dead serious.

Cuttlefish said...

Heh--Your comment reminds me (strangely enough) of the Simpsons, where in one episode Bart had to teach Lisa how to walk properly in high heels. Again, toe first or die.

Laelaps said...

Lovely poem, Cuttlefish. Now that one of my posts has helped to inspire a Cuttlefish poem I can say that I have truly "made it" in the science blogohedron. :) Keep up the excellent work.

Nathan said...

Check out

you can be barefoot (sort of) and protected.
(I have no stock nor am I affiliated in anyway with this company, just passing along the knowledge of such a shoe.)