Monday, January 04, 2010

Makin' Khalwat

News item: 52 couples detained under Sharia Law, charged with the offense of "close proximity".

She’s not a bride
He’s not a groom
But they decided
To share a room
The law’s been tested
Now they’re arrested
For makin’ Khalwat

It’s New Year’s Eve
At the hotel
They figured “hey,
We might as well”
I’d like to see ya,
But it’s Shariah—
We’re makin Khalwat

Picture a Malay melee
Down to the last detail
Cops in ambush to waylay
Couples now facing jail

All through Selangor
They’re facing time
You wanna bang her?
Well, it’s a crime
But don’t forget folks
That’s what you get, folks,
For makin’ Khalwat

They’ll do two years
And pay a fine
And then, my dears,
The sun will shine
Hope it was nice, cos
They paid the price, cos
Of makin’ Khalwat


Necandum said...

Aren't you happy you're not a muslim?

Cuttlefish said...

And they say atheists are the bitter ones! I am indeed Happy, Necandum!

DM said...
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