Saturday, January 02, 2010

God Delusion Video (Markella)

I had never heard of this (former opera, now popular) singer, but Podblack told me about her just this morning (er, evening for her). Knowing I have a soft spot for A) rational thought, B) music, and C) Greek women, I can't imagine what Podblack was thinking. Markella's site has information about her, but only a brief clip of her song "God Delusion"... but a quick search found this powerful video:

Not my type of music, frankly, but certainly my type of message. Hmmm... ya think she's do an album of Cuttlefish covers?

If rational thinking you seek
Take a listen to this lovely Greek
If you find, as I do,
That her message is true
Pass it on! Let it grow! Hear her speak!


DM said...
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Ray said...

O Paddy dear, and did you hear the news that's going round,
Free speech is now forbid by law on sacred Irish ground.
No more Hitchens may we read, nor Dawkins and his meme
For there's a cruel law in force 'gainst those who would blaspheme.

Hi DC,

I tried to write a poem about the new Irish blasphemy law (based on the maudlin song "The Wearing of the Green"), but the above is as far as I got - I lack your poetic talents. Feel free to make use of this fragment if you wish.