Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help. Now. If you can.

Confession: I love David Letterman.

His first show after 9/11 was the first time I could let myself cry for that particular tragedy, even though I knew people... never mind, it's complicated. But I, like so many people, were just torn apart, and were trying to be strong, or angry, or sad, or compassionate... it was too much.

I know that there are many who have been more deeply touched by tragedy than I ever have. I am extraordinarily fortunate, by any measure whatsoever. Funny... that doesn't mean I don't get my heart ripped out. When Dave gave his post-9/11 speech, I sobbed. Alone in the room, wanting to mourn, needing to be strong, when Dave asked "Does that make any God-damned sense?", my chest heaved with the sorrow I had refrained from expressing.

Since then, I have donated blood for him. Yeah, I know, it is lame, but I know he probably can't donate any more, since his surgery, and I donate whenever I can, so whenever I have the chance to designate a donor (not always, but sometimes), I donate blood for Dave Letterman.

This is the first I have admitted it (not even to him). But it's true.

And now.

Haiti, by conservative estimates, has at least 100,000 dead. 9/11 was peanuts compared to this. Once again, religion comes a distant second to nature.

And there's Dave, again. "Welcome Late Show viewers - we need your help". Understatement, I should think. The link is to the World Food Programme. If you have not yet donated, then get off your ass and donate. If you already have donated... thank you... and consider another donation. Most of us (I make this assumption based on internet access) could donate pretty much all of this month's income and be better off than any of the folks in the devastated regions of Haiti.


If I, or anyone, asked for something like that, we'd (deservedly) get nothing. So... I am here to remind you that even ten, even five, even one dollar, is that much more than they would have otherwise. The average person in Haiti earns less than a dollar a day (depending on which source you believe, it can be less or considerably more), so even a small donation will go a long way.

So. If you are looking for some way to donate... there's one link. But, frankly, at this point, you've probably seen half a dozen reputable places--scienceblogs has had several posts with links, there is always the Red Cross, or you could even try Google.

Just in case I am the straw that yadda yadda yadda... donate now. People are dying. Donate now.

And... thanks, Dave.

No verse today. You want verse? Go donate, then complain.


makita said...

Ok, I donated. Now I want verse.

Cuttlefish said...

Thanks, makita!