Monday, January 11, 2010

Foxy Sarah Finds The Perfect Job

Sarah Palin’s joining Fox—
Vox populi gets one more vox
So bar the doors and check the locks
Cos Sarah’s back in town!

She gets to be the tea-bag muse
And share with us her folksy views,
The fair and balanced right-wing news
When Sarah’s throwin’ down!

We’ll get to hear the old refrains,
And newer bites, as Sarah strains
To show us that she’s got some brains-
She’s worthy of our notice.

And just as fun, we’ll see some try
To back her up, to justify
Her ever-growing long good-bye,
And flog her run for POTUS!

She’ll join the ranks of Bill and Glenn
The strutting cocks will gain a hen
They’ll rant and rave, then say “Amen”
To punctuate their chatter.

She went rogue at the voting booth
And lost, but now the foxy sleuth
Has found a job that needs no truth-
On Fox, it doesn’t matter.

NPR reports that Sarah Palin is joining Fox "News". I wish her a looooooooong career there.
NY Times also--the comments at their "Media Decoder" blog are delicious.


Margaret said...

Wonderful, as always, but I think "here" should be "hear." ("We’ll get to here the old refrains").

Cuttlefish said...

Oof! Quite right, Margaret. *blush* Thanks for the correction!

Ken said...

Sarah tea-bagging, now that I would like to see ;-)