Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Open Thread For Displaced Pharyngulites

While Pharyngula's going on strike
You can hang around here, if you like.
Look around, take your time--
No, you don't have to rhyme;
(And DM? You can go take a hike!)

No, I don't expect you to migrate here en masse, but I saw Laden invite people, and thought I'd put out the welcome mat as well.


Thomas Atkinson said...

What, I get to comment even before a quickly-deleted cut-and-past rant from nutbag extraordinaire Dennis Markuze?

I do hope the ScienceBlogs debacle is resolved quickly -- I'm already going into Pharyngula withdrawal. I'm glad you're still here, Cuttlefish!

Cuttlefish said...

I've had a dozen or so visits from the lad today. I swear, if I had ads, BM would have put a new roof on my house.

AndyD said...

Can you curse a bit and say mean things about accommodationists?

Not so much to make us feel at home as to see if you put "accommodationism" into verse :)

Cuttlefish said...

AndyD-- A quick search... excuse me, a quick fucking search finds one previous use of "accommodationism", here: http://digitalcuttlefish.blogspot.com/2009/12/atheism-62.html

AndyD said...

You want me to search!!!? I come here to read, not work.

AndyD said...

Oh, but thanks for the PZ moment. (Can't believe I missed it on first read)

Blake Stacey said...

It's just so quiet without the pest,
Off his meds, washing keys with spit,
But if he ups and takes a day of rest,
The ambiance will lack for just a bit.

Who else will lecture us about our evils
And blame Miss Gaga for his seismic upheavals?