Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Octopus Picks Spain; Cuttlefish Picks Germany

With all those arms (or are they legs?)
The octopus named Paul now pegs
The Spanish team to win the day
Or so the German papers say.

With all those legs (or are they arms?)
Paul’s pick makes Germans sound alarms—
The credulous are worried sick
Since Paul has made his octo-pick

But me? I’ve seen the Germans play;
I’ll go out on a limb today
(And since I’ve two more limbs than Paul,
My pick is better, all in all)

I’ll choose the Germans over Spain;
The octopus has picked in vain!
His streak will end, once I have won!
(And yes, I know… it’s just for fun.)

Of course, no one really believes the superstitious claptrap that an octopus can see the future. Besides, why just *see* the future, when you can influence it?

Germany coach Joachim Loew says he will wear his blue sweater during the match because it has brought him good luck. "I am not superstitious, but the coaching staff want me to wear it because we always score four goals when I wear it," he said. "They won't let me wash it and I do think I will wear it again."


Update: Ok, I was wrong and the octopus was right. My only excuse (cos, the thing is, I was wrong) is that when I made my pick, I had forgotten that Muller had picked up a second yellow and was out for today's game. Good luck to Spain, but my hearts are with The Netherlands!


DM said...

I pick Netherlands today... Let see if I am as good as Nostradamus...

Clare said...

I see via Pharyngula that it's your birthday today. What does one get a rhyming cephalopod ... ?

Happy Birthday!

Aquaria said...

Happy Birthday, even if it's a little late.Your poems always brighten a day. :)

Cuttlefish said...

Another comment, sent via email from the Netherlands:

You were wrong and it was right
Spain has won the game last night.

Germany, to its dismay
Will now be playing Uruguay.

But Spain's chances are not much
'cause they will have to face the Dutch!