Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Limericks--Spring!

Oh! I had forgotten all about the Friday Limericks! Woke up, saw actual sunshine, realized I had porch repairs, lawnmower repairs, trash to haul, trees to plant, a garden to plan, a dog to walk, papers to grade.... it must be Spring. So what other topic could there be?

The sun's showing off all its powers
For the first time in months, I see flowers!
It's the time when we know
That we will not see snow--
At least for a couple more hours!

It's the time of the year that won't fail ya
With stories of birds they'll regale ya
The days getting longer
And light getting stronger--
We're stealing the sun from Australia!

Gotta run--I think I will plant onions today... have fun!


Anonymous said...

A spring day is lovely to see,
So it seems quite a myst'ry to me,
Why with so many hours,
To chirp at the flowers,
The birdies all get up at three!

Seriously, I woke up at three in the morning to the sound of robins chirping outside my window! Couldn't they at least wait until it was light?

CAE said...

Yardwork, yech. Haven't quite adapted to that joy yet.

It's nice getting up when it's light,
And the blossom's a beautiful sight.
But the lawn now needs mowing
And the weeds that are growing
Are doing it just out of spite.

And a happier thought:

The temperature's nearly at ten,
So join with me, women and men!
We really oughta
Be out on the water,
It's kayaking season again!

That's Celsius, obviously.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Though robins may get up at dawn
The geese still drowse on the lawn,
Where patter the starlings
And sweet fuzzy darlings
Of brown and white striped killfawn.

Cuttlefish said...

You people rock!

IK... we have a mockingbird outside our window that has a habit of singing a line from a famous opera. One that I should know, but cannot for the life of me recall. Or I would proudly tell you.

CAE--due to frisbee injury, I did not get my kayak out on the bay at all last year; I hope you are right about this year!

Ridger--"Killfawn" is utter genius! Love it!

Anfractuous said...

Spring has begun to be sprung.
Joyful songs warble out from each tongue
And birds, they are winging while chirpily singing
And flings cannot wait to be flung.

All springing and sprunging aside,
The temps do a Jekyll and Hyde.
One day they are warm,
Then they quickly transform,
And with shivers we’re over supplied.

It’s “fun” to awaken and see
How fickle the weather can be…
Like going outdoors in Bermuda short drawers
Gruesome goose bumps come ‘n squat on my knee.

Early Spring isn’t big on sang-froid.
But the season well-known for its joie -
De vivre is a fave, ‘cause we’ve all become slave
To new hopes for us chilly bourgeois.

So here’s to you all who are singing
‘Bout joys that the season is bringing.
Hope the pollen don’t sneeze ya or nippy winds wheeze ya.
Just keep up your perky whing dinging!

Anonymous said...

Oh, DC - I talked to you about that last year!!

Your bird is singing a lovely song: "La donna è mobile" (Woman is fickle). Rigoletto by Verdi; The Duke of Mantua in Act III, Scene 1.

"Woman is flighty
Like a feather in the wind..."


Cuttlefish said...

Ah, yes! Thanks, Pod!

Now my brain can let go of that one... Actually, the bird is singing as I write this!

Anfractuous, once again you astonish. Your fourth, in particular, highlights the reason I do not believe in the French language. I think it is a plot.

Anfractuous said...

DC, I must agree with you about French. There can be no logical way all those spellings could actually ryhme. Of course English spelling and pronunciation is, of course, eminently logical and consistent!

Thanks for your kind words.

Cuttlefish said...


You are wise beyond words...

Ah, but the difference between French and English... it's the talking with hands... an English speaker can, for the most part, get by even without hands. French? Have you ever seen a French speaker without gestures? I suspect sign language. Rendering the spoken language a mere smoke-screen, intended to fool people like me.

It's just a theory, mind you...