Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Limericks: I Wish...

First off, some thanks to a few people, so that they don't get lost below the limericks. Thanks to the people who commented last week! My goodness, what wonderful verses! I am sorry I have been so busy in the real world--I should have heaped praises on each of you at the time. I hope that now is not too late. (Speaking of too late, it is never too late to add a comment onto one of those threads. Limericks should not be confined to Fridays alone, after all. Also, I should have thanked MuseSusan by name, 2 weeks ago, for her comment on "Limerick/War" that inspired the Friday Limerick Post. Thank you, MuseSusan--you are aptly named.

Now, on to the topic. "I wish". There is a lot of room to play with this one. You can be silly:
I wish that my office were round
With no corners at all to be found
You would find me no mourner
For stacks in the corner—
Now everything’s all in one mound!

Or poignant:
I wish on the stars every night
That again she’ll return to my sight
It’s been too many years
And I can’t count the tears,
But the stars wouldn’t let me down… right?

Or put words in someone else's mouth:
I wish I could frolic with squid
More closely than Jacques Cousteau did
I could study their charms
While ensnared in their arms
And surrender control to my id!

--P. Z. Myers

Even someone's mouth you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot toothbrush:
I wish I possessed such a brain
That biologists could not explain—
A fiery crucible
All irreducible—
Or, hell, at least one that was sane!

--M. Behe

Or just be boring and write a normal limerick...
I wish it were summer already
With the temperatures all nice and steady
These up-and-down weeks
Are for rougher physiques
I’ll just wait here in bed with my teddy.

Ok, have at it! I really wish you would...


MuseSusan said...

I wish I could think up a rhyme
Like you can in so little time,
I'm planning, you see,
A limerick spree,
Of my own, but they're hard to design!

R N B said...

I wish that you wouldn't so tease us
With requests that are cunning and devious.
Your posts always rhyme
But why also should mine?
It's enough to turn one to Jesus :)

CAE said...

I wish that my favourite Canuck
Had done better things with the puck
No playoffs this year,
We'll just cry in our beer,
And wish that our team didn't suck!

Maxwell's Demoness said...

I wish for a place in Hell
For folks I'd like to Expel
But Hell isn't real
So it would be ideal
If they'd just go live in a well.

Thinker said...

Inspired by your last one and the current weather where I am writing this:

For us mammals who live far up north,
When the month which we count is the fourth
With whoops of elation
We leave hibernation
And with spring in our steps sally forth!

For although they are beautifully stark
Our winters are long, cold and dark,
and if you assume
that we also gloom
I'm afraid you're not far off the mark.

But it's payback time now, you can tell,
we are sick of the winter-winds yell!
Be gone, every storm-moan!
Now let every hormone
do the job that they all do so well!

Mad Hatter said...

Entry #1:

I wish I had magical power
To make all my enemies cower
I'd brandish my wand
And watch as they fawned
What great amusement for an hour!

Entry #2:

I wish there were three of me
How productive then I would be
"One" would do work all day
"Two" could have fun and play
While "Three" writes limericks for thee

Anfractuous said...

I wish I were brave just like you,
Could speak up -just say what is true…
Without the façade, I’d escape the godsquad,
But fam’ly religion’s like glue.

The candor I see on your sites,
Fills me with great shiv’ring delights.
My boggling brain is in danger of sprain,
Keeping up with you really cool Brights.

It’s mind-blowing to entertain
The freedom y’all feel from disdain
Of religionist blather, like I’d really rather,
But speaking my mind I abstain.

This blogging’s a thing I’ve not done;
Coming out is an action I shun.
I blog through the nights, when they’ve turned out the lights.
Mocking fundies and zealots. What fun!

My family, I love them a lot,
But openish minds they’ve not got.
Fundamentalist people; Creationist sheeple,
Yet hurt them, I really could not.

I don’t know a way to impart
The things that I hold in my heart…
About the sky dad; t’would sure make them mad,
If I said they’re crazy, not smart.

So here I sit typing these rhymes
‘Bout stuff they would think are high crimes
By reason I’m saved. I’m now so depraved,
I’m making mock of the End Times!

The Ridger, FCD said...

I wish I was able to rhyme
At the drop of a hat or a dime
Like our versatile host
Who's comes up with the most
Excellent rhymes all the time.

And I wish I had known about Friday -
That for limericks any is my day -
So I guess I'll go back
and supply there the lack
On that angry, not wishing why day.

But before I go there I'll impart
This wish that is dear to my heart:
When the tournament's done,
The Vols will have won
Number Eight: then the party will start!