Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rumor Has It

So, I’ve been hearing rumors. Rumor has it The Digital Cuttlefish will be part of a new blog network, freethoughtblogs, as of tomorrow. Actually, most of the rumors talk about the new network, but somehow leave my name out of it. For some reason, the rumors focus on Ed Brayton and P. Z. Myers.

But the rumors are true. Same Cuttlefish, different address. I am a very little cuttlefish in a big pond already, and this gives me the opportunity to be an even smaller fish in an even bigger ocean. I suspect that I am the smallest name among the new collective.

So, if all goes well, I soon will have successfully lured them all into a false sense of security, at which time I will spring my trap.

Or not.

Either way, I will be sinking or swimming (as a cuttlefish, it’s all the same to me) at a new address as of tomorrow.

And, once more as so many times in the past… I need your help. There will be (with a bit of luck) more eyes on my site than ever before, and I’ll need to introduce myself. You, my regular readers, are already the sort of people who read comments and follow links, or you wouldn’t have found me. But there are a great many people who have no idea what I do.

So I plan to post some of my old stuff over the next couple of weeks or so, to introduce myself to these new people.

My question is… which ones? Which of my oldies should I dredge up? I have my own favorites, which I know I will post, but what are yours?

This blog (the one you are reading right now) will not disappear. This one is home, for me. I love my readers, and owe them too much to raze the old joint. I hope to see you all at the new digs, though, as my honored guests. No… as my family.


Podblack said...

WHOOT! Will announce it on my site tomorrow. :)

Matt said...

Congratulations! I love your blog. The Bornean Rainbow and A Brief History Of Religion two of my favourites.

I've only been a reader for a few weeks now and haven't had a chance to go back and check out your older posts so I won't be much help in choosing which older posts to share. Sorry. I guess this will be a chance to check out some older posts finally.

Anywho, good luck at the new site.

Blake Stacey said...

My nomination goes to "Version 2.7".

Robert Mirmow said...

I love Post-Rapture Pet Care! That could be my all-time fave!

Glendon Mellow said...

Be generous with old postings. Do lots.

Congratulations on the new network! Really excited about it!

Johnny Vector said...

Wait, I thought you were PZ Myers, if only for a day.

Well, on the internet, nobody can tell you're a cuttlefish.

SUIRAUQA said...

Great! Another blog to follow? Sigh... Just kidding! I shall follow your blog to the end of times. Great to see you there.

HennaHonu said...

I vote for:
A Scientific Valentine
De Media
My Place in the Dance of the Universe
What Do Atheists Believe?


Jalyth said...

I read through RSS, do I have to find your new address? Also, I'm kinda new and don't have insight into your question.

shellity said...

Too Bad About the Baby sticks in my head most firmly as a favourite, though the space between most of your poems in the race to be best is minuscule.

Larry said...

Too many good ones to choose from!
Among your recent efforts, I nominate "Dog Almighty".

Now I need to tell Joan Ryan about the new network; she is another of that rare breed, poets who can speak in rhymes as readily as in prose. She checks your site every day; a kindred soul indeed.

I'll ask her what her favorites might be.

Good luck with your new alliance!

latsot said...

Well deserved and exciting.

I vote for:
One Last Dance
Brave Little Emma
Dance Naked at my Funeral
Atheist For A Month
The Monster of Morris

And that one about the space shuttle.

Joan said...


“Pick your favorites from the Fish’s”
Off I went for some delicious
Manic delving into poems of the past.
And I started out most cheery
Though I was a little leery
Bout the time that it would take
To do this task.

Why not lend a dictionary
With instructions just to carry
On until I’d found
My very favorite word?
Still I grabbed the Omnibus
And I’m trying not to fuss
While I’m picking at each
Morsel like a bird.

Colored sticky tapes are cool.
I will use these as a rule
To mark a favorite poem,
Or word, or phrase.
But now, little did I guess
When I started on this mess
That the project might go on
For days and days.

Poems on science and religion
Can I only pick a smidgen?
Out of all the Cuttle poems from the past?
Should I stop? Well, I sure oughta.
This book looks like a piñata.
And I fear my multi sticky tapes won’t last.

Gosh, my eyes are growing dim.
I should really learn to skim.
But down there are listed some
Which caught my eye.
It was really quite a trip
And a pleasure to redip
But right now, I am exhausted
That’s no lie.

An Ode to Humanity
Everyone Hates Everyone
On Flawed Perception
Nothing To Talk About ?
Rejected Hymns I & III
Vatican Scandal
I Am the Bishop
I Am the Very Model
Lines on the Return of Polio

And …and.. Oh I give up! Whenever I go to a marked page I find something on the opposite page that I want to add. My suggestion? Pick a couple of poems each week from the Omnibus chapters. Most are universal. The more recent ones will be there in the blog archives…tempting..tempting.

Unknown said...

Will soon to recomand some new readers for those old posts! Feel that a new beginning is best for you Mr. Digital Cuttlefish.
Will follow jelously!

'God is love' :)


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