Thursday, July 28, 2011

Headline Muse

The requirements just get insaner,
Like a good triple twisting half-gainer
If you do a good dive,
You will surely survive—
If you don’t, then you’re “pulling a Boehner”.

(I'm trying out--subject to my time and other people's idiocy--a new occasional feature, kinda like Ed Brayton's "dumbass quote" and "badass quote" of the day. You are encouraged to add your own limericks in the comments. The rules are--look at the headlines of whatever news source you like, and write a limerick inspired by same. If your headline is local, small-town news, you might want to include a link, too.)


shellity said...

On vacation in Indian Leh,
A keen Brit thought she saw Maddie there;
Though police got excited
About what she'd sighted,
The abductee's parents said, "Meh".

entropy said...

That is friggin' hilarious.