Friday, July 22, 2011


When Jen "BlagHag" McReight wrote, asking if I'd help spread the word about her annual blogathon, I only had one question:

"Does McCreight rhyme with “right” or “wait”... Or something else?"

This Saturday, I think it might
Be quite a slog for Jen McReight
Throughout the day, throughout the night
She’ll write, write, write, through dark and light

What will she write? I cannot say;
You’ll have to wait and see that day
She’s doing good—this is her way—
And you can help, so go and pay!

So grab your wallet, or your purse
And find some funds to thus disburse
Remembering, it could be worse—
At least she doesn’t write in verse!

So, yeah, go help her smash her previous record!


Die Anyway said...

So you rhymed it with might/night/light. Can we assume that you got your answer? Or did you just take a stab at it?

I tend to pronounce ei as 'eye' and ie as 'eee' because of studying German but it doesn't always work that way. I would have pronounced Garrison Keillor's name as K-eye-lor but apparently he prefers K-eee-lor.

Cuttlefish said...

Yes, she did write back and let me know.
And I have the same tendency as you do with ei and ie, for the exact same reason.