Monday, March 29, 2010

Onward Christian Militias, Marching As To Jail

For toxic Christian nuttery
It’s hard to beat the Hutaree;
I’d say it to their face, except I’d rather not get shot.
A branch of Christianity
With double the insanity—
In mental evolution, they’re the land that time forgot.

In events unfolding as I write, a christian militia group is ... what? Fighting the government? Preparing for the antichrist? Shitting their pants when confronted with FBI agents with guns, instead of the trees they are accustomed to shooting at?

That's the thing about ongoing events. We can't see the future, and these next hours and days (and, if you believe the Hutaree forums, weeks and months) could get interesting... or remain mind-numbingly predictable and dull.

Even the other militia groups are distancing themselves from the Hutaree militia, so I am guessing there is some weapons-grade lunacy there. I am not going to link to their site (their google hits have gone through the roof, so you'll have no problems finding them), but it's a fun little place. In a DSM-V clinical study kind of way.

I'd recommend popcorn, but it is a bit early to see if this goes Waco (or worse) on us, and I don't want to make light of that possibility. The forum already spoke of the possibility of a government building going down... of course, taken down by the FBI themselves as part of a false flag operation.

Jesus is their General, you know. This would never have happened had they been touched by the FSM's noodly appendage.

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