Saturday, February 28, 2009

Phun Stuff!

For those of you (the majority, I would guess, based on the site statistics) who do not read the comments to these posts, you are missing some fun! I am getting my metrical, metaphorical and metaphysical ass kicked by Phunicular on the Daniel Dennett post; what is more, Phunicular is serving up this can of whupass in wonderful verse! (If you are fundamentally, morally opposed to reading comments, at least some of the Phun stuff is here, in a recent series of posts.)

Now... I need to compose another reply. I know what I want to say; I just need to find the right words to say it. This is not nearly as easy as Phunicular makes it look! (And now I must actually stop browsing through Phunicular's writing and post this; I see his cunning plan now--distract me with all sorts of wonderful writing...)

Cunningly, funningly,
Phriendly Phunicular
Shares in the lyrical
Cuttlefish curse.

Some say obsession is
We say, of everything,
"It could be verse."


Phunicular said...

Cuttly Subtly
Digital Cuttlefish
Cursedly countered and
Forced me to think.

Cogent yet seemingly
Comments are causing my
Hours to shrink.

Thanks Cuttlefish. I haven't had this much fun since Packbawky Verses Rat .

Podblack said...

HA! Double dactyls, I love them! :)