Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Experiment

Over there at the top right, just under the banner, there is now a little link to a CafePress store. This is no big fundraiser thingie (although it could be at some point), but I just like Michael McRae's art so much that I wanted it on a mug. I knew CafePress could do that, and thought, what the heck, in case anybody else wants something, I'll throw this thing together. It is not fancy--it is quite the opposite of fancy, in fact. I'll probably put up some more stuff with the original cuttlefish logo, too, but that is not there yet.

If anyone has any special requests, just let me know. I bet against anyone wanting a cuttlefish thong, for instance. And right now, the artwork is just the beautiful cuttlefish, not the blog title or anything. Which makes it the perfect gift for a writer or poet, but you already knew that. The artwork is used with the generous permission of the artist.

Oh--if anyone does buy anything, send me a pic with you wearing/holding it! I'd love to see!

This limerick's here just for Ray:
I neglected, in verse form, to say
That for some, the best part
Of this blog is the art
So this post is for those folks, today!

Sorry, Ray--I'll try not to do it again!


Ray said...

A rhymeless post??!!

Now The Cuttle's gone and done it,
Wrote a post that's not a sonnet -
I hope it's not a sign of things to come.

For we love the Cuttle's verses
And without them we say "curses!"
And our daily reading would be so humdrum.

Andy Allen said...

Well, I don't know quite how I could follow Ray's rhyme, but I do like those mugs.

Cuttlefish said...

Fixed it for ya, Ray.

And yeah, Andy Allen--I love the way those look! McRae did a great job!

The Ridger, FCD said...

I like those mugs, too.

Anonymous said...

Cuttlefish, I need some lyrics. But... they can't rhyme, and they can't be pretentious, and they can't make any sense, but they have to sound like they're really "deep". Help me out man.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it can only be about 3 or 4 lines too. If you feel like doing it. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Question - could baseball jersey versions be available? Maybe it's because I get directed to the Australian site, where they don't feature...

Cuttlefish said...

Podblack-- Jerseys, coming up!

Snowing-- just one or two questions--do you have a melody for these lyrics? (Or a rhythm scheme that is shared with another song that I know?) And do you have a topic area? A name? A theme? I'll do what I can...

Anonymous said...

Cuttlefish, I would like it to sound like it's really "profound", but yet really not have any meaning. Sort of like something people would put their own meaning into. It sounds like it means something but it doesn't.

It's going to sound something like Blonde Redhead, or Radiohead, or Sigur Ros. That type of a sound. I was thinking of calling it Cuttlefish if that's okay.

Cuttlefish said...

Hmmm... if I were more intuitive than I am, I might suspect a subtle and buried insult there! Sounds profound, but isn't--I'll call it Cuttlefish!

Fortunately, I am too shallow to see through that, so I'll see what I can do. Pretty much every new-age theory of consciousness sounds profound but means nothing, so maybe I'll start there.

Anonymous said...

Naw no insults in there! Just trying to get motivated and make a song that's all.

Cuttlefish said...

Hey, if you have even a phrase or two tumbling around in your skull, feel free to send it along and I can work with it. If you don't want to share it with the whole world, my email addy is over there to the right.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'll get one of those. Uh, the shirt, not the 'profound but not poem'.

BTW, got a bunch of your books, sent one off already - and spilt cordial over another. Damn. :/