Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Digital Pack-Rat, volume 12

Ok, the first is from here--a bit of a discussion about a badly reviewed journal article "Mitochondria, the missing link between body and soul: Proteomic prospective evidence".

Creationists' goal is to prove there's a soul
That's impossible to have evolved;
The task is quite trying; instead, they keep lying,
And think that their problem is solved.
These pinhead god-floggers just woke up the bloggers
Who slapped them back down to their place;
With options now fewer, they'll try something newer;
A godly stupidity race.

Next, from here, a comment on the observation that creationist cure for so very many physical ailments is... enemas. The nature of the problem hardly seems to matter--if there is half a chance they can make a badly-argued connection (and remember, making badly argued connections is a property of creationists in the same way that inertia is a property of matter), they will prescribe a high colonic for everything from the common cold to lung cancer.

Creationist pinheads and half-wits and numbskulls--
You name it; Pharyngula's got 'em.
Some people go straight to the doctor for pains:
These people go straight to the bottom.
No antibiotics! No surgery! Nothing!
The Bible says "this too shall pass"
We only want medicine Jesus approves of...

So here, stick this hose up your ass.

I don't tend to include limericks in the pack-rat series, but these I enjoyed. One of PZ's fans had written him... long on words, short on paragraphs or content. And, as per policy, PZ presented it in his traditional Comic Sans font.

"I get email"; we know what comes next
In this case, an immense wall of text--
So there's no other choice
But the standard "kook voice"--
Comic sans, pathologically vexed

We know briefness contributes to wit
And this fellow, he wanders... a bit.
And although there is levity
In sheer lack of brevity,
More words: greater chance that it's shit.

Lastly, the most recent kerfuffle in Washington State, where a legislator is concerned that the Supreme Ruler Of The Universe is getting short shrift. Of course, I would kinda think that a supreme ruler could take care of him, her, it, or themself(ves), but rep. Struiksma apparently thinks God--er, the supreme ruler of the universe could use her help. Seems she has more power in this than the SROTU does.

If this ruler really rules,
then the courts and laws and rules
Are already gleaming jewels
in his crown.
Does she think that we are fools,
She can use us as her tools?
Let’s just wait until she cools
A little down.

Does she think her ruler shy?
If we slight him, will he cry?
After all, she does imply
In her bill
That our power to deny
Is sufficient to defy,
Overcome, and say good-bye
To his will.

If this bill of hers should pass
Then her power would surpass
Her god’s greatness, and alas,
She’d be greater
Which, although it may be crass,
Means this legislative ass
Joins the new and higher class
Of “creator”.

Poor lady. I bet she doesn't even suspect that the Supreme Ruler Of The Universe is a cuttlefish. Or that he really doesn't care about recognition by Washington State.

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