Sunday, September 07, 2008

Praisin' McCain!

Little Light runs a dog-whistle through a filter, so the rest of us can hear it. I must say, I was wondering what the point of Huckabee's desk story was, let alone why it got such a response from the audience. Now that I know McCain's secret identity, though...

When John McCain was crucified
Er, tortured, in Hanoi,
His actions served to earn a desk
For every girl and boy.

You cannot earn a desk yourself,
No matter what you do;
Be grateful Jesus John McCain
Has earned that desk for you.

So give him thanks; send John McCain
Your votes as well as prayers--
He died so we could all have desks!
(The school board bought the chairs.)

Hat tip to Bora!


little light said...

Oh my God, I think this is my favorite response.

Laurie said...

Yikes! Scary! Not your post. Your poem was perfectly barbed, as usual...

Blake Stacey said...

Well said.

(Oh, incidentally, my blog has moved, if you'd like to update your sidebar thingy.)