Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Digital Pack-Rat, volume 3

More odds and ends.

First, a recent one, about the defacing of the atheist student organization's sign:

A simple sign, with scarlet letter--
Surely, one could make it better!
I knew I could, and so I drew
A heart, and cross, and "God Loves You".
"Jesus Is Coming"--there, I'm done;
That's much improved, and so much fun!

But now, sit back and watch--I'll bet
Those angry atheists get upset;
They're not content to turn a cheek--
They're uppity, they'll want to speak!
It's just like them, to be so rude...

And that's why they deserved it, dude.

About the attempted pharyngulation of a World Nut Daily online poll:

His minions do as they are told
But even they cannot be sold
On this, and so they'll have to fold;
This craziness cannot be polled.

Perhaps it was a really bold
Idea from a different mold
Or else, perhaps, comedic gold;
This craziness cannot be polled.

Of course, I do not mean to scold
But polls like this are getting old
I think it's gotten uncontrolled;
This craziness cannot be polled.

The World Nut Daily must uphold
It's principles (what? none? that's cold)
With tinfoil hats, and shirtsleeves rolled;
This craziness cannot be polled.

A couplet entitled "I promise, I'll pull out!":

So President Bush, that son-of-a-pistol,
Told Iraq the same thing that Levi told Bristol.

A disturbing post by a disturbed writer, perhaps an attempt at satire, proposed some solutions for what to do about the atheist problem:

A modest proposal, on how to dispose all
The Atheist garbage and haul it away--
Although it's Tom Willis, I think that it still is
A decades-old tactic, the Klan used to play.

It may be that laughter is what he is after
It may be he thinks he's a humorous guy
Or maybe some tumor deprived him of humor
He thinks it is funny.... I just want to cry.

A double dactyl about a (frankly, very cool) wristwatch--instead of numbers, it showed intermediate species on the long road from single-celled organisms to everybody's favorite vertebrate, the featherless biped:

Witchily, watchily,
P.Z.'s chronometer's
Lovely to look at, but
What are the odds

He could get rid of the
Nature's epitome?

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