Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Limericks--a debatable proposition

There once was a scheduled debate
Put in jeopardy, nearly too late
Now McCain says he might
Meet Obama tonight
But who knows? Now we just have to wait.

The topic is up in the air
(It appears that McCain likes it there)
And I think it may be
That the plan is to see
If the public will simply not care.

What's the picture from Europe--say, France?
As they watch as the candidates dance
In this sad pas de deux--
Do they wish we were through?
Does our image abroad stand a chance?

Ok, so it's not a terribly pleasant topic, but there's plenty of fertilizer here to grow limericks. Candidates, topics, delays, crises, views from near and far... have at it!


Monado said...

Too bad the media and other parties put up with it. If the debate is scheduled, I'd love it if the Democratic campaign simply said, "Fine, if McCain doesn't show up, we'll take the whole hour and have a speech by Obama, a speech by Biden, and some policy discussions amongst our people."

That would get McCain there in a hurry.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Did you see this?

Oh what's a Canadian to do
With all of this hullabaloo?
The topic selection
Is the US election,
But we're going to the polls too!

(Sorry, just getting sick of hearing more about the US election than the Canadian election - on Canadian news channels. I'm sure that was Harper's intent when setting the date for October).

The Ridger, FCD said...

Oh, really, come on, what's it matter
Just who's atop the Canadian ladder?
We all know the score:
For at least the next four
The US is the superstar batter!

(Yikes! Crappy limerick and I don't really believe it, either.)

Joe Biden must think it's smooth sailin'
After watching sweet Kati and Palin.
But danger's still near,
From all that I hear:
Her gibberish might send HIM flailin'!

Anonymous said...

The limerick's form is not great
For discussing a serious debate.
The rhymes should be dirty --
At least a bit flirty --
I'll skip it, and just masturbate.

Obama's a master debater.
McCain, I am sure, he will crater.
And Palin, says Biden,
Has no place to hide in
He'll chomp on her ass like a gator.

(To be fair, all my political haikus are about crickets, water lilies, and the moon.)

Unknown said...

Debatable Winner

Now the pundits can blather all night
‘Bout who was more wrong or more right,
But I’ll put up my guy, ‘cause on him I’d rely
To fix up this country, all right.

Of course my guy won the debate.
So I’m here to enthuse and elate.
Talking points weren’t forgot; made a great slam dunk shot,
And he sure set that other guy straight!

Next we’ll hear from the wanna VPs
To demonstrate their expertise.
They’ll each rise to glory telling their VP story.
Such fun ‘twill be, I guarantees!

If neither one does a face plant
When their tongue tangles up as they rant,
We’ll call it a tie if the odds they defy,
And there’s nothing next day to recant.