Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Limericks--Vacation is over.

With a moment of deep contemplation
And a wee bit of tasty libation
(Cos Limerick Friday
Must not be a dry day)
The topic is... summer vacation!

The Limerick Friday is back!
All summer, it's been out of whack--
It was resting... on tour...
Having surgery... (sure,
It spent most of its time in the sack!)

But now, summer vacation is over
No more rolling in fields green with clover;
Tell us, what did you do?
Sail the seas, green or blue?
Or stay home on the couch, there, with Rover?

I, myself, had the best summer yet--
Thanks to some of you (I'll not forget!)
If you think that your summer
Makes mine seem a bummer--
No question, I'm taking that bet!

A summer in Greece and Bulgaria
I had dreamed, but now I was there (yeah!)
Six weeks--that was all,
But I had such a ball...
Can you beat it? C'mon...hey, I dare ya!

(special thanks to Cath at VWXYNot?)


Cath@VWXYNot? said...


I did a lot of camping this summer.

A hot summer's day in BC?
Let's go camping! Yeah, that'll do me!
A bad case of the drizzlies,
But thank goodness no grizzlies,
Lots of beer and a nice cup of tea.

I really would rather not boast,
But when paddling this beautiful coast,
The seals in the ocean,
The waves and their motion,
Made this trip the one I've enjoyed most.

Thomas Atkinson said...

To Denver, for Worldcon and Clone Wars,
Then Carlsbad, and Odessa's Meteor
And a weekend spent stuck
In Louisville, Kentuck'
With a seized engine -- it coulda been worse.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Minneapolis is where I went;
Two fruitful weeks, what I spent:
First tech and then styles -
I was wearing broad smiles.
And I'm certainly glad that I went.

(Boy, that's lame...)

Rana said...

There was a young chap from Bengal
Who was working from springtime to fall
But in months in between
Sadly he's been
Going out nowhere at all.