Monday, April 28, 2008

More Than Skin Deep...

The New York TImes has a story of the stereoscopic atlas of the human body. With a slide show of some of the images (sadly, not in 3-D). And I am terribly sorry, but the link to the text article is not working for me right now--it is worth the visit, though, on the Science page of the New York TImes online.

Carefully, warefully,
Bassett, anatomist
Dissected bodies and
Prepped their insides

Then called for Gruber, who
Rendered them timeless on
Viewmaster slides.

Beautifully, dutifully,
eHuman industries
Hopes to make public the
Atlas once more;

Wonderful news for the
Students, or those who just
Really like gore.


Anonymous said...

JUST as I was talking to someone about six-syllable words... ;)

Kalleh said...

Great double dactyls. I post on a forum about words and language, and we enjoy double dactyls and limericks.